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Welcome to the RMRCMA!

We fly, as guests, on a Privately Owned farm in the beautiful black dirt area of Warwick, NY. Our site is an all grass field and flight-line. Our runway is over four hundred feet long. We are easily accessed from the paved road. Enjoy the serenity of our hobby in the privacy of this magnificent location.

To learn more about the RMRCMA, come to one of our club meetings. Explore this website and look at the Join Us and Contact Us pages. This will get you started with us. There are also Links to great websites and Documents to help a new comer to R/C aircraft.

All types of Aircraft

Come fly airplanes, gliders, and helicopters. We fly nitro, gas, and electric. Launch high with your glider and ride the thermals for hours. Gas up and rip through the blue sky.

Our Pilot Corps can train you to fly

Many of our members have years of experience and can help you to get started or move up to a higher level of piloting skills. You can learn on a tandem radio connection with a buddy box without the fear of crashing your plane. You fly the same plane with an instructor at the controls with you.

"Drone" Quadcopter pilots, "Know before you fly" website

If you are planning to purchase and fly a multi-roter copter, also known as a drone, you should visit the "Know before you fly" website. It is everyone's responsibilty to fly safely. Flying in an unsafe manner will bring negativity to everyone and gives the hobby a terrible name within the general public. The AMA and the FAA work together to ensure our hobby is protected from potential limitations that could be brought on by a few uneducated folks that operate unsafely.